Dionisio Peláez studied law at the Colegio Universitario San Pablo C.E.U. in Madrid.

After completing his studies, he was admitted to the ICAM in 1990, where he collaborated with different departments of the school during his early professional career.

Subsequently, he began his activity in different offices. He focused his first years of practice in the areas of civil, commercial and procedural law. She has a master’s degree in LOPD at ICADE.

During the course of his career he has assisted and advised, among others, several asset management companies. Clients who generally held real estate assets. It is responsible for their management and administration, as well as their investment and divestment. Advising them, in some cases, in their legal, business and investment planning and strategy.

From 2001 to the present, he has worked actively with the banking entity Novobanco. Having been specialized and very focused in the area of Private Banking. This is an area in which, almost naturally, clients tend to invest in real estate in order to diversify their risk. Participating in a very active and direct way in some of them, since its clients were no strangers to this type of investments.

For approximately two years, he combined his activity in the aforementioned bank with collaboration in the investment department of a real estate consultancy firm, mainly advising on residential and office transactions. He has also been involved in some advisory services for investors in the hospitality and retail sectors.

In the last four years he has been acting as external advisor for institutional clients, providing his knowledge and services from the origin of the transaction to its conclusion. Clients mostly foreign capital, as well as some Socimi and Spanish capital management companies. He is in constant continuous training through conferences and courses, both in person and on-line, directly related to Real Estate.