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Jorge Martín








Juan Ramón Camacho Vázquez joined the firm in 1998 with the opening of the new office in Galicia as head of the civil and commercial department. He also acts as director of the Vigo office.

Juan Camacho has always focused on civil matters in the commercial area. He is an expert lawyer in competition law, currently leading this department, with accredited successes, such as the trucking cartel with more than 500 lawsuits or the milk cartel with around 900 farmers at present.

Likewise, as a lawyer he has a lot of experience in bankruptcy proceedings taking place in Galicia, he has participated in matters of interest such as the reversion of the Pazo de Congresos, the main auditorium of the city of Vigo to the City Council of Vigo.

He has been representative of several foreign companies in Spain, most of them from Portugal, and has actively participated as an executive member with a key role in the implementation of the new data protection regulations, being currently representative before the Data Protection Agency of several companies.

Since 1998, Juan has provided legal advice to numerous companies, especially in the field of transportation. He is a member of the executive committee of several companies and is a legal advisor to important groups of companies in Galicia.

Juan has published articles and has participated in the scientific committee of the Institute of Culture, Science and Technology in which also participate prestigious entities such as the University of Vigo, the National Association of Canned Food Manufacturers and the Xunta de Galicia.

Juan is currently the secretary of the BGI Foundation for Children, performing various administrative and management functions since its inception as part of the Vigo office.