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Claim Revolving Cards

The Plenary of the First Chamber of the Supreme Court has ruled on March 4, 2020, confirming the nullity of a card revolving issued by Wizink Bank, on the grounds that the interest rate initially set at 26.82% APR, which had reached 27.24%, was considered usurious.

This type of card is initially very attractive because it provides quick and easy access to credit or deferred payment for purchases or cash withdrawals. The holder of these revolving cards usually pays a fixed monthly fee that is not very high, but the interest rate is usually over 20%. In this way, not only does the cardholder end up paying a figure much higher than the capital drawn down, but the payment of the outstanding debt is so extended in time that the borrower can become, what the Supreme Court has called, a “captive debtor”.

Well, in these cases, the Supreme Court establishes that the remunerative interest must be considered usurious and, therefore, null and void, insofar as an interest rate “notably higher than the normal interest rate for money” is set.

If you have a card with these characteristics and you feel that the payment of your debt is taking forever, it is likely that you have a card with these characteristics. revolving. It is not necessary that it is specifically Wizink, since many entities offer this type of deferred payment.. At Balms Abogados we have a department specialized in Banking Law, we will study your case and we will take care of claiming the money you have overpaid along with interest.

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