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Real Estate Law


The Real Estate Law Department of BGI LAW offers effective legal advice and defense to its clients. We are pioneers, for more than 30 years, in legal advice for the acquisition of real estate assets, covering the corporate and tax area, as well as advice on urban law on the Costa del Sol, with numerous success stories, in all areas of the sector.

Our clients include institutional, national and international investors, public administrations, real estate developers, builders, insurance companies, land owners, compensation boards, urban development agents, urban conservation entities, business groups, hotels, residences, etc.

We can advise you both in the administrative and contentious phase in all matters and before all instances.

Floor Clauses and Mortgage Expenses

These clauses are abusive as they have been imposed unilaterally, have not been individually negotiated and the customer has not been informed of their consequences.

Claims Financial Institutions

Abusive clauses in mortgages can be defined as those that tip the balance disproportionately in favor of the bank and against the customer.

Acquisition of real estate assets and companies

We are specialists in all areas related to the acquisition of all types of real estate (office buildings, shopping centers, industrial and logistics warehouses, hotels, retirement homes, residential estates, golf courses and marinas), with knowledge and expertise in the legal and fiscal aspects involved in the sale, acquisition, financing and constitution of guarantees.

Promotion, construction and technical contracts

Negotiation of development contracts, delegated development, project management, construction contracts and “turnkey” contracts, contracts with architects, engineers and other technicians, off-plan purchase and sale contracts, contracts with real estate agents, etc. Compliance with the regulations applicable to the sale of homes by developers, on legal structures to undertake real estate development processes (risk analysis, tax optimization…).

Urbanism and Horizontal Property

Legal advice and urban planning, we are lawyers of different municipalities in this area, we analyze alternatives for the constitution of horizontal property regimes and real estate complexes in shopping and leisure centers, hotel complexes, residential, mixed, condo-hotels and residences for the elderly. Preparation and negotiation of all the necessary legal documents (minutes of deeds of incorporation of horizontal property and real estate complexes, segregation, grouping, aggregation and new construction, bylaws and internal regulations, etc.).

Other Services


Legal Services

At BGI LAW we offer our clients the legal and juridical service they need in the different areas of law, finding solutions to each of the problems they face.


Financial, Tax and Fiscal Law

BGI LAW offers its clients a department of financial, fiscal and tax law, managing all the procedures and assisting in the accounting process of companies. A professional and specialized team so that you only have to worry about your business.


At BGI LAW we offer a personalized and focused service to each of our clients in order to solve each of their problems in the different areas of law.

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