Labor advisor



Labor Advisor

Practicing social security lawyer since 2003 with extensive experience in the area of labor law and social security. Specialized in business consulting.

Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention since 2009.

Social and Labor Auditor since 2011.

Head of the Labor and HR Department of BGI LAW since 2016.

After finishing her studies in Bilingual Secretarial Studies at a center in Marbella, she enters the University of Malaga. There he studied Labor Relations with excellent results. Subsequently, he did an internship at Mutua Universal Mugenat, Mutua de Accidente de Trabajo y Enfermedad Profesional.

As part of his continuous training process, he has taken numerous professional courses, among which the following stand out Security Management in the company: LOPD in 2009, adaptation to the new Law Regulating the Social Jurisdiction, Labor Market Reform 2012, mediation and other strategies for conflict resolution, labor climate, collective dismissal procedures, contract suspension and reduction of working hours, personnel and payroll management, updating of Social Security regulations.