Legal Services


At BGI LAW we offer our clients the legal and juridical service they need in the different areas of law, finding solutions to each of the problems they face.

Commercial, Bankruptcy and Corporate Law

Specialized in the management of all legal requirements in commercial transactions, such as drafting, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of business contracts regardless of their legal nature, terms and conditions.

Accounting, Tax and Fiscal Law

At BGI LAW we believe that a good accounting, fiscal and tax advice is essential for any company, as it ensures a correct application of the current regulations and a suitable tax planning according to the needs of each client, thanks to the personalized follow-up of our tax advisors.

Tax, Banking and Securities Market Law

BGI LAW advises both financial institutions and borrowers on the financial operations of the markets. Its team is formed by lawyers specialized in financial and banking law, who in addition to offering the client a deep knowledge of the sector, are committed to legal certainty, among other values.

Insurance Law and Regulation

BGI LAW, through its lawyers integrated in the commercial law department, provides advice in all matters related to insurance and reinsurance law, especially in the corporate operations of insurance companies, in the drafting of insurance contracts and policies and their interpretation, in the activity of mediation in private insurance, in expert, judicial and arbitration proceedings arising from claims, as well as in all types of claims for their processing.

Community and Competition Law

BGI LAW advises both international and domestic clients on all matters relating to the application of Spanish and EU competition rules, market regulation and regulated sectors.

Private International Law and European Union Law

BGI LAW provides advice to its clients in relation to foreigners or internationality, dealing with issues of international jurisdiction, the applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments that allow solving the difficulties caused by the fact that the same case is linked to different judicial systems.

Real Estate Law

The Real Estate Law Department of BGI LAW is one of the departments with the largest number of professionals, with the direct involvement of several partners. It deals with all types of legal implications of real estate transactions and promotions, whether civil, commercial, administrative, registry or contentious and regardless of their nature (land, offices and commercial premises, housing, residential, tourist or commercial complexes, industrial buildings, etc.).

Administrative Law

BGI LAW provides advice to its clients in relation to any administrative procedure, intervening in any administrative procedure, drafting allegations, reports and administrative appeals and representing the client in any type of negotiation.

Labor Law

BGI LAW has, in addition to a labor department, lawyers specialized in labor law with extensive experience in advising companies and their managers on labor matters, including aspects related to social security, personnel planning, human resources, unfair competition, etc.

Procedural Law and Arbitration

At BGI LAW we provide advice in civil and commercial disputes, first in the out-of-court phase and then (if necessary) in the arbitration or legal process. Before any conflict in matters of urban leases, contract terminations, franchise concessions, etc. and filing complaints, lawsuits, claims and appeals of all kinds and in all jurisdictions.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

BGI LAW has lawyers specializing in PROPERTY LAW y industrial law who advise their clients on all matters relating to the acquisition, preservation, negotiation and contracting of rights over distinctive signs, domain names, inventions and creations of form and in relation to the protection and application of trademarks, designs and patents.

Data Protection

BGI LAW offers the service of adaptation of companies and freelancers to the Data Protection Act (LOPD). Through the analysis of the activity and dynamics of the client’s work, it determines the level of compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection and other applicable regulations and will adapt its activity to the legal precepts, complying with the established obligations.

Civil Law

Considering that civil law is the fundamental basis of any legal system, BGI LAW has great specialists fully dedicated to this area of law, with a broad knowledge of the regulations governing each legal relationship.

Family and Matrimonial Law

Within civil law, family and marriage law is one of its most important areas. BGI LAW has specialists in family and matrimonial law who will help you with all issues related to marriage contracts, incapacity, alimony, paternity and filiation, separations and divorces (both by mutual agreement and contentious), etc.

Maritime and Transportation Law

BGI LAW offers legal advice to clients specialized in international trade, transport and logistics, in the field of transport contracts, insurance coverage, chartering, claims for damage to goods, import and export operations, etc.

Criminal Law

BGI LAW represents its clients (both individuals and legal entities) who are involved in a criminal matter, whether they have been charged with the alleged commission of a crime or have been or may become victims of a crime. We cover all types of crimes against people, property, the environment, the market and consumers.

Other Services


Financial, Tax and Fiscal Law

BGI LAW offers its clients a department of financial, fiscal and tax law, managing all the procedures and assisting in the accounting process of companies. A professional and specialized team so that you only have to worry about your business.


Real Estate Law

We are pioneers, for more than 30 years, in legal advice for the acquisition of real estate assets, covering the corporate and tax area, as well as advice on urban law on the Costa del Sol, with numerous success stories, in all areas of the sector.


At BGI LAW we offer a personalized and focused service to each of our clients in order to solve each of their problems in the different areas of law.